Happy Appy Acres
Jim Farmer  931-724-5255
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Our Stallion Coyotes Romeo
Coyotes Romeo
Coyotes Romeo 100%FPD  His First Foals Gingersnap & Romeo Farmer
Welcome Ladies: Stallion fee $600
Mare care fee $8 per day
Mare care with foal $10 per day
Coggins & Vet certificate required

Coyotes Romeo ApHC639060 FPD100%

Coyote is standing at Happy Appy Acres - For Sale

See the well marked foals Coyotes Romeo produced for us below. What will you get?
High % FPD, good comformation, disposition &  learning ability.
Gingersnap 100%FPD (Not For Sale)
Gingersnap 100% FPD
Romeo Farmer GAP 5 (Not For Sale) Romeo Farmer GAP 5
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